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    Paul posted an update 5 years, 6 months ago

    On a walk in this beautiful weather this morning, and on some conference calls with biz associates. I love what I do!!! I hold the #peace sign because I love peace, but also because I ask myself what 2 people can we bless today? What 2 people or households can I personally impact and help give a #PlanB to? For me….my business is #PlanA but many are still looking for peace of mind. What would you do if you lost your #job? What would you do if you fell very ill and couldn’t keep working? What would that do to those depending on you? What would you do if one of your #kids or a#spouse (heaven forbid) became very ill? You would have to go to work every day and be away from them in the hospital hours on end in order to keep your household income? What would you do if your current business (for those business owners) became hard hit with all the overhead you have every month, and you had to close your doors? WHATS YOUR PLAN B??? How about retirement?? My parents and many more have worked hard all their life, but retirement means giving up more of their lifestyle, not more financial freedom!!! What about taxes?? Are you paying too many and no business write offs?? You may have a Plan B….but MOST people DONT!!!! So what’s your Plan B going to be?!?! If you don’t have one…..GET ONE!!!! I help people with their Plan A or their Plan B. It is what your looking for, that I desire to help you achieve!!! So for today……Peace!!!! But let’s also impact TWO people or households with a Plan B!!!!! (B also being the second letter in the alphabet!!! lol)#Blessed #LiveLife #Freedom #MissionPossible #Believe #BuildIt