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    Advantages of plasmolifting.
    When it comes to plasmolifting, it is worth highlighting certain advantages, thanks to which the procedure has gained great popularity among women:
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    ease of use. There is no need to use expensive medical equipment here;
    high security, because only the reserves of the same patient’s body will be needed for manipulations;
    versatility. This procedure has proven its effectiveness in various areas of cosmetology;
    lack of rehabilitation. Almost immediately after the plasmolifting, the patient can return to his usual life. The risk of infection is eliminated;
    surgical intervention is not performed, plasmolifting can be carried out even during other therapeutic courses. For example, during laser therapy, chemical peeling, photo rejuvenation, contouring, etc.;
    minimum of contraindications. Among them are hepatitis, oncology, blood clotting disorders, diabetes mellitus, infectious skin diseases, pancreatic and kidney diseases.
    Plasma lifting has a number of contraindications, which include:
    The presence of chronic diseases of internal organs.
    The presence of viral or infectious diseases.
    The procedure cannot be performed if there are foci of inflammation on the skin.
    With reduced immunity and low hemoglobin levels in the blood.
    For pregnant and lactating women.
    There are also disadvantages of this method, including:
    With the reusable use of test tubes and other equipment, there is a risk of infection with a serum infection, for example, hepatitis. In order to get the necessary plasma, the blood comes to a special treatment in a centrifuge. The plasmolifting procedure is carried out according to strictly individual indicators of the skin condition.